Important Things to Look For Before Buying 220 Volt Washer

Given the selection and variety of sizes and styles of washers, you have to consider different things when exploring the internet for a washer you can buy for your home or business. For starters, you need to make sure the washer is appropriate for your needs. You must consider the installation requirements and the type of power outlets you have at home. These tips should help you choose the best 220 volt washer online and make sure it is the best for your requirements.


Determine the style of washer you need. High-efficiency top and front-loading washers tend to be more expensive, but they could be great investments if you want to save money and more time in the long run. If you have limited space, consider a washer with a smaller front loading mechanism or a stacked top load washer with a dryer. Portable spin washers might be a better option for an apartment because it requires no plumbing.

Physical Size and Capacity

A washer’s capacity may differ according to the brand. Measure the capacity of a washer by the wash load size as recommended by the manufacturer, and the interior drum cubic inches. An oversize or full-sized front-load or top load model may be best for large families while a small washer might be best for a couple that does not intend to wash large and heavy pieces (i.e. A comforter) in it.

There are compact front loading washers with small to medium capacities and they can be around 24” to 26” in size, with various stacking options. A majority of washers is typically 27” to 30”, so measure your space before you buy.

Consider Using a Power Adapter

Identify the wattage of the washer from the manufacturer’s label, which is typically found on the bottom or the back of the appliance. Reputable sellers of 220 volt washers often provide a description about the power required by the appliance. The US uses 110 volts as standard. If you are buying a 220 volt washer, consider buying a step-up voltage converter for it.


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