Look For a Voltage Converter to Convert Power

A voltage converter is designed for single voltage devices and electronics. Once you are certain that you need to run single voltage devices, you need a high-quality voltage transformer or converter to make them useful overseas. Dual voltage devices will only require an adapter plug because they usually do not have a lot of surge when started.

Voltage converters are typically more powerful than dual voltage travel plug adapters, but take note that many of them tend to heavy and bulky. When choosing a voltage converter, you also need to be aware of the device’s wattage to determine the right type. Check the label on your device and get the W, then purchase a converter with a higher rating (about two to three times) than the device to ensure a safe conversion. For example, if you are using a 600W appliance or device, you need a 1200W converter. When in doubt, get a converter that has a higher wattage.

There is no harm in buying a converter with more watts because a device will never work if there is not enough. But remember that it is dangerous to run the appliance with wattage higher than the voltage transformer’s wattage. Doing so will result in damage to both the converter and the appliance.

Look for a converter with a wattage rating that is three times higher than the device if you need it for items that require strong power surges, like laser printers, power tools, and televisions. Hence, a 500W power tool needs a 1500W converter for successful and safe conversion. Remember that different devices would have varying needs. If you cannot find information about the wattage on your device, look for the amps and multiply it with the voltage to get the number of watts.


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