220 Volt Home Appliances – Maintaining Your Electrical Consumption

Upgrading to 220 volt home appliances will make it easier for you to move abroad, especially to a country that uses 220-volt electrical sockets. Even if you do not plan to move soon, you can start shopping for some 220 volt home appliances while you are still in the US to save money and time, and to enjoy a wider selection of products that may not be available abroad. Newer appliances may help reduce and maintain your electrical consumption, too. Here are some things you can consider when shopping for 220 volt home appliances online:

• Try solar appliances – Consider 220 volt home appliances that come with an option, which lets it run on solar energy. This way, you can save money when you need to recharge the appliance or when you need to use it outdoors.

• Go for an LED TV – LED TVs use half to a quarter of the power of a plasma TV, making it a good choice if you are looking for a new TV. However, if you own a 220 volt plasma TV, consider reducing the brightness and turn it off when not in use. The same thing applies to LED and LCD TVs. Doing so will help reduce their power consumption.

• Try inverter air conditioning – Inverters rely on a variable speed compressor motor, which is similar to the ones found in cars. Hence, they are quieter, and they can achieve a more precise room temperature faster without fluctuations, resulting in inverter units about 30 percent more efficient than fixed speed air-conditioners.

• Upgrade your refrigerator – Older refrigerators consume a lot of energy. Invest in a high-quality 220 volt refrigerator that is rated for energy efficiency and provides more space for food storage. Newer refrigerators come with special features, which may become handy in your kitchen, too.