All About 220 Volt Microwave

One of the must-have appliances in every modern home is the microwave, which you can use to reheat, cook, and prepare food and beverages. When buying a microwave, you are likely to come across options like 220-volt microwave ovens that you can plug into 220-volt electrical sockets. If you live in the US, you can still purchase that type of microwave to use in your home or business, but make sure that you have a step-up converter before plugging it into a 110-volt electrical socket. This way, you can safely use the microwave, and you will not damage the electrical circuits of your property.

A 220-volt microwave can be a good option if you are planning to migrate to another country soon. You can buy it while you are still in the US and bring it with you. Reputable stores that carry a wide range of household electrical appliances and equipment offer 220-volt microwave ovens from the world’s most renowned and trusted brands at the best prices while ensuring a hassle-free experience. Some 220-volt microwave units come with special features that may not be available elsewhere, too. Hence, it is recommended that you buy one before you leave.

Many 220-volt microwave ovens come with special features, like large and user-friendly buttons, pre-programmed settings, automatic defrost, and sensors that can calculate the cooking time according to the amount of steam coming from the food. Like their 110-volt counterparts, 220-volt microwave ovens come in different wattage. Consider a microwave that has 1,000 watts, so it can cook efficiently and quickly. A 700-watt microwave or lesser may not cook food evenly and they tend to be slower, too. Follow the rule of thumb where the higher the wattage, the faster the microwave can heat or cook.

A 220-volt microwave will typically have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. However, if your unit is still working after a decade, then feel free to continue using it. High-quality 220-volt microwave ovens are backed with a lifetime guarantee and warranties to ensure a reliable purchase that will last a long time.


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