Various Options in 220 Volts Kitchen Appliances

If you love to cook, then you need a serious kitchen. Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself a various 220-volt kitchen appliance that can allow you to whip up all sorts of dishes. Here are some suggestions:

Black & Decker FX700 Food Processor

This product can be used for chopping and slicing food fast, quickly, and efficiently. It has a 450-watt motor, stainless steel chopping blade, and a reversible disc. It also uses a two-pulse system for switching on and switching off the device. A great safety feature of this food processor is that its electricity is cut-off until the lid is secured. This item can shred and slice almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables—a perfect companion for the enthusiastic home cook.

Kitchenaid 5K5SSWH Lift Bowl Mixer

Kitchenaid is known for its quality and reliability—and it’s certainly on the wish list of most people who love to cook. The KitchenAid 5K5SSWH Lift Bowl Mixer is particularly popular for those who love making sweets. It has a sleek design, a powerful machine, a sturdy base, and a high capacity. You will find it extremely useful for baking as it can mix different ingredients continuously and vigorously.

AEG HK955070XB Kitchen Cooktop

This item is another product that you can include in your collection of kitchen appliances. The AEG HK955070XB Kitchen Cooktop has an extra wide ceramic hob to accommodate huge cooking tools. To control the unit, use the DirekTouch instant control system that gives you access to the controls of the hob. This 220-volt kitchen appliance is also designed to reduce energy consumption, so it can save you money in the long run. It has an Oko Timer which makes use of the residual heat coming from the cooktop to maximize the energy from the cooking process. The OptiHeat Control monitors the level of heat of the device for energy efficiency.

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How to Choose the Best 220 Volt Mixer

Mixers are the lifeline of any serious kitchen setup. From grinding to blending to mashing, everything is easier when you have the best mixer. A 220-volt mixer is a power kitchen appliance that saves precious time especially if you cook on a daily basis. It’s true what they say—once you’ve used a powerful mixer and enjoyed its many advantages, it’s very hard to live without this appliance. A 200-volt mixer that is durable and lasts long is worth every penny. To get the most of your purchase, keep these tips in mind when buying a 220-volt mixer.

1.    First and foremost, decide on the type of mixer that you want to buy. If budget and portability is a concern, perhaps you should look at hand-mixers, which are smaller and more affordable. If you are can spend more and have enough space in your kitchen, stand mixers should be your choice.

2.    Ease of handling is the next thing you must consider when buying a 220-volt mixer. If you decide to get a hand mixer, it should be well balanced and have a comfortable grip. A stand mixer, on the other hand, should be light enough to lift in and out of its storage space.

3.    The type of beaters are important. Always try to find one with wire beaters that does not have the thick center post. These types are easier to clean.

4.    Range of speed controls is another feature that you must look into. Any 220-volt mixer is available in a variety of speeds with anything from 7 to 16 controls (sometimes more). There should be a setting ideal for mixing dough without spattering.

5.    Go for a trusted brand that is known for durability. Think of this appliance as a long-term investment. Buy the best 220-volt mixer for your kitchen.

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