Reasons You Should Buy a Makita Blower UB1101

The Makita UB1101 blower is a very good tool for use in the shop, in the backyard or at home, thanks to its many features and value for money proposition. It is a quality product made by a reputable manufacturer with decades of experience in power tools and equipment. The UB1101 is sure to find a place in any toolkit for use by pros or for home DIY and hobbyist use.

The Makita UB1101 Blower is a useful tool for clearing dust from your workspace or for clearing out leaves in the yard, or for providing a steady stream of air wherever it is needed. The powerful motor of the Makita UB1101 is capable of moving 99 cubic feet per minute of air and provides a maximum air velocity of 114 MPH on full power, while keeping a fully compact design. A variable speed control sets the motor speed from 0 to 16000 RPM and allows the user to dial in the right amount of force needed for the gentlest of jobs, to full-on blowing power for clearing away dust and debris from your workspace or your front lawn. The blower housing is fitted with an ergonomically designed handle to allow for precise control and use in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. A large trigger button is provided along with a trigger lock for easy steady operation and extended use. The whole blower is packaged in a compact unit that weighs a very light 4.1lbs.

The UB1101 Makita blower model can easily be converted to a vacuum via a dust bag attachment, which is ideal for reaching hard to reach areas where a conventional vacuum will not go. The Makita blower unit comes with a long nozzle attachment and vacuum dust bag as well as a 1-year warranty right out of the box, which gives the buyer great value for money.

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Cleaner Air with HEPA Filters – Bionaire Permanent Filter

Air pollution can be caused not only by smoke or exhaust fumes but also by tiny particulate matter in the air, like dust, mites, pollen, and pet dander. Indoor air pollution can cause the onset of allergies or even asthma attacks if left unchecked. An easy way to ensure clean air quality in the home is with the use of HEPA filters to sift out allergens and other harmful substances.

HEPA is short for High Efficiency Particulate Air, and HEPA filters work as a mechanical filter that traps out minute particles in the air that may not be good for our health. Forcing air through the fine mesh allows only clean, particulate free air through, filtering out all the harmful stuff and leaving only fresh air for you to breathe.

Most compact filters and air purifiers like the Bionaire Permanent Filter utilize HEPA technology. A small filtration unit may be good enough for a room. HEPA filters are effective in dealing with these airborne particles and many have reported drastic improvements after using a permanent filter in a room. It is best to consult with an expert for applications in larger spaces or sections with high air volume to get the best results.

With a constant cleaning regimen and the help of HEPA filters, you can improve the air quality in your home. To help the HEPA filter along, always remember to vacuum frequently, replace old carpets with wood, tile or vinyl flooring, keep pets away from the area, change your beddings frequently, and replace drapes or other things which harbour dust and other particulates. Along with the use of a HEPA filter, these tips make up a good strategy for combating irritants suspended in the air to keep you and your family free safe from airborne allergens.

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