Features and Benefits of a Multisystem VCR

Multisystem VCR’s combine ease and convenience for watching all your videos regardless of their regional setting in one compact package. With the ability to stream and record your regular TV programs, multisystem VCR’s offer added benefits to enhance your viewing experience.

They offer an elegant solution for viewing different color format standards used globally like PAL, SECAM, NTSC, as well as screen proportion formats from the standard 4:3 crop to the modern cinematic 16:9 widescreen format, allowing you to view your videos in your preferred mode or to find the best screen format for your television screen size.

Besides excellent and accurate color rendition in different formats, multisystem VCR’s are also capable of excellent sound reproduction with the use of quality standard audio decoders for multi-point surround sound and Dolby audio engines, replicating that cinema quality audio experience in the comfort of your own living room.

Multisystem VCR’s are available in an assortment of designs and models to suit your personal taste. They are packed with features like multiple connectivity ports for S-Video Out, VGA Output, Digital Video, and even the more modern HDMI ports for connecting with your existing video and audio systems, giving them the versatility to match any AV setup and configuration. They also feature the ability to playback audio CD’s and MP3 audio formats, parental control to regulate what videos can be accessed and the amount of TV time for kids, and variable standing and mounting positions for the unit so it can fit any spacer in the home with ease.

Combining a robust set of features, ease of operation, quality video and audio output, and a competitive price point, multisystem VCR’s indeed offer great value for your money by replacing multiple machines for one compact device with all the functions you need for all your home entertainment needs.

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Features and Benefits of a Multisystem VCR

From Nintendo’s Family Computer to film cameras to multisystem VCRs, vintage appliances are making a huge comeback nowadays. Some people even argue that they never really left. Whatever you believe, one thing is for sure—with a multisystem VCR, you can dust off your old tapes, watch them all over again, and feel the nostalgia coming like a warm blanket in a chilly morning. If you don’t know whether to buy a brand new Blu-ray/DVD player or a multisystem VCR, then go for the VCR so you can enjoy these features and benefits:

•    Endless Options

Without a doubt, VCRs have been in existence longer than DVDs—which makes for more options. While most of today’s movies and shows are recorded and sold on DVD or CD, the finest classic films are on tape. Not only that—your old family videos and tapes can also be played in a VCR.

•    Great Video Playback

Here’s a little known fact: When DVDs were released in the market, manufacturers made them seem superior to VHS tapes when in fact, VHS tapes have better quality in terms of both picture and sound. In a study done in Brown University, a number of students were both shown the same movies in both DVD and VHS format and were not told which is which. While most students said that there was no difference between the two, 19% of the class thought that the VHS format had better quality.

•    Hi-Fi Sound System

Another huge myth is that DVDs provide better sound quality, but VCR players and VHS tapes make use of the original Dolby Surround Sound rather than the latest Dolby Digital 5.1 (which is compressed digitally and not analog). Analog recording has a more authentic sound than that of an mp3, which is digitally processed.

•    Inputs

Multisystem VCRs have in and out audio and video connections which make it possible for you to record your favorite shows while watching something else. You can also plug in gaming consoles.