Uses of Various Types of Converters & Transformers

Converters and transformers can seem confusing—but you must understand what they are and what they do if you travel frequently and/or want to be able to run all kinds of appliances and electronic devices in your home. Both transformers and converters are primarily used to step up or step down the voltage to make it compatible with your device or appliance. However, there are differences in terms of how they should be used.

What are converters?

 Converters are only used with ‘electric’ products—which refers to simple heating devices as well as those that have mechanical motors. Some examples of electric products are hair dryers, shavers, toothbrushes, steam irons, and small fans. Because they are not built for continuous duty, converters can only be used for one to two hours (or shorter periods of time). Many of the converters available today are only designed for ungrounded appliances, which you can identify because they have 2 pins on their plugs. Remember to unplug your converters from the wall whenever you are not using it, as a safety precaution.

 What are transformers—and how are they different from converters?

Transformers are also designed to step up or down the voltage, just like converters. However, they are more expensive and are typically used with devices that are ‘electronic’ in nature. ‘Electronic’ items are different from simpler ‘electric’ products because they have chips or circuits. Transformers are built for continuous operation, so they can be used for many hours and even days.

Note that computers are classified as ‘electronic’ devices, so they need transformers (unless they have dual voltage features). Most laptops, phones, and tablets these days are dual voltage, so you don’t need a transformer anymore. You can use them with a simple travel adapter.

There are a lot of smaller capacity converters and transformers available online which you can use for a variety of purposes. The key is to determine what you need and buy your unit from a reputable online shop.

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Top 3 Reasons to Own a Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer

If you are the kind of person who always likes to travel—or your work entails jet setting to different countries on a regular basis—then you need to be prepared all the time. A dual voltage travel hair dryer is one of the most useful tools you can have in your baggage. It is compact, sleek, and has two voltage inputs so you can use it anywhere. Here are the three reasons why you should get a dual voltage travel hair dryer.

It works in all countries

Don’t quite know where you’ll end up next? You can rely on a dual voltage travel hair dryer to work in any part of the world as long as there is electricity. Check out the Revlon RVDR 5012, which uses ionic technology to keep hair healthy.

You can stay anywhere and always have great looking hair

Some hotels don’t provide hair dryers—which can be a nightmare if your hair needs taming, or if it simply doesn’t look great when air dried. This is why it’s important to have your own dual voltage travel hair dryer. Just plug it into any electrical outlet in your room, and you’re on your way to a nice blowout. Need a suggestion? Try the Conair TS129 Folding Travel Hair Dryer, which is popular because of its compact design. It’s also lightweight and easy to bring with you wherever you go.

It is safer for your hair

Dual voltage hair dryers use the latest technology in hair care. For example, the Conair Ion 162R 110V-220V uses ionic technology for healthier and shinier locks. The cord retracts at a press of a button, making it easy to pack away. It also offers two heat settings. This midsize travel dryer is popular with frequent travelers.

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Tips on Buying Home Electronics Appliances Online

One of the best wats to buy home electronics and appliances these days is to go online. This is a hassle-free way to buy what you need because you don’t have to go to the actual store to compare prices and features. An online retailer of home appliances and electronics allows you to easily find what you need, sort items, and get the best prices. The appliances are delivered to the doorstep—and in most cases, you can get them within 24 to 48 hours of your order placement. Are you ready to start shopping? Here are tips to keep in mind:

Buy only from retailers that carry popular brands. 

When it comes to electronics, you typically get what you pay for. You’ll want to buy home appliances from reputable brands that are known for quality and reliability. Check to see if the online store sells products from names like Black & Decker, Bionaire, Sharp, Samsung, etc.

Check the input voltage of the product before buying it.

The same items may have different input voltages. To be sure, take a look at the description or the technical information of the product and see if the unit runs on 110/120V or 220/240V. Are you interested in a Whirlpool Home Appliance Set of washer, dryer and dishwasher that runs on 220/240V input voltage and 50Hz frequency? If your home does not run on this input voltage and frequency, you will need a step up transformer and converter.

Look for products that are on sale.

If your aim is to save money, take your time to compare prices and look for appliances that are on sale. This is a great way to get the best deals on home appliances such as split air conditioners, desk fans, top mount refrigerators, personal heaters, and many more.

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Point To Remember Before Buying Moulinex Steamer Online

Cooking food in a steamer is a great way to serve up healthy, nutritious food quickly and easily. Get yourself a fine Moulinex Steamer and cook your way to a healthier you.

Moulinex Steamers are designed with stackable baskets allowing you to prepare full meals and different kinds of food at the same time. The steamer is equipped with a juice catch which collects all the nutritious essence of food, ideal for making rich and flavorful soup stocks even while you cook. The baskets are spacious enough to accommodate a substantial volume of food at a time. They are also easy to clean and stores neatly away in the cupboard, making it a good addition to any kitchen.

Moulinex steamers have cook timers to help you time your food accordingly, as well as a ‘keep warm’ function so that you always have hot food ready. Steamers can also be used to reheat food and cook stews, broths and soups, and other comfort food for you and the family. Be sure to look for added features like a built-in inlet for adding water to the steamer so you can easily put extra water into the unit without the danger of scalding yourself. Built in water gauges can help you see the actual water level in the steamer to alert you of low water levels and prevent your food from drying out.

Moulinex uses only high quality, food grade materials so you can be assured of top performance and safety for your appliance. The unit is specially designed to protect you from scorching your hands during operation but as with all kitchen implements. Care must be taken when handling the product. Moulinex Steamers are available from reputable online sellers, and can be got in a number of styles and colors and basket capacities. Order online and avail of convenient door to door shipping anywhere within the continental United States.

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Benefits of Buying Black & Decker Deep Freezer Online

Buying a Black & Decker Freezer online gives you the convenience and ease of shopping in the comforts of your home and in your own time. Reputable online sellers can even offer a large catalog of models and other brands to choose from to aid you and give you the best shopping experience.

Black & Decker Deep Freezers employ a flat backed design to help you maximize space especially in tight spaces where conventional freezer units can’t fit. The square profile of these freezers also makes them ideal for placement in a garage or basement location. They have large capacity chests and are equipped with heavy duty hinges, making them durable and reliable for daily use. Inside the freezer features a removable vinyl covered basket to help organize your freezer space. The thermostat and other controls are located front side for ease of access and help you to watch the temperature settings of the freezer unit. The unit is also fitted with an easily accessible defrost drain plug for easy cleaning and maintenance. Black & Decker Chest type freezers are ideal for storing fish, meats, vegetables, and other frozen goods like ice cream, ice, and cold beverages, and helps keep them fresh for longer.

Freezer units from Black & Decker are Energy Star compliant and are guaranteed to prevent greenhouse gas emissions which are harmful for the environment. Each unit is certified to comply with US EPA regulations and Department of Energy rules as part of the company’s commitment to participate in preserving the environment. Each unit comes with manufacturer’s warranty and quality assurance guarantees.

Get your Black & Decker Deep Freezer from a trusted online seller and take advantage of free door to door shipping. You should receive your order within seven days.

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Features to Know Before Purchasing a Hitachi Band Saw

A good band saw is a great addition to any woodworkers shed and tool set. As a power tool, it is useful for many jobs in the shop and makes a woodcraftsman’s job much easier, whether for the casual DIYer, or the seasoned professional.

It’s important to look out for some necessary features when choosing a band saw. One of the qualities to check is the cutting capacity, which means the maximum size and dimension which a particular machine can cut or process. Then there is also the re-saw capability of a band saw, which is determined by the distance of the band saw table to the highest point of the blade assembly.

Then there is the matter of the machine frame, which is crucial to the performance and ease of use of a band saw. Most band saws are traditionally set to 14” platform with 2 large machined casings, with the entire made from cast iron for durability and stability.Steel frames have become a famous choice for European markets and are slowly gaining popularity in the US.

Hitachi brand band saws tick off these boxes and more and are a good investment for the features that it provides. They are equipped with 14 ½ inch, high quality saw blades that can make quick work of any wood working task with ease. Hitachi band saws are powered by a 2.8 horsepower for reliable operation, long life blade guides, and an 11-inchesaw capacity on a traditional cast iron frame. The equipped tilting table also has an adjustable fence. It has a rack and pinion adjustment assembly for accurate cuts and for fitting other accessories and jigs to the machine, thereby increasing its versatility in the shop. Get yours from a reputable online seller and have your Hitachi Band Saw shipped to your doorstep in 7 days.

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What Does a Dewalt 18v 4 Piece Combo Kit Consist Of?

Having the right tool for the job at hand can make life much easier, and the Dewalt 4 Tool 18 Volt Nickel Cadmium Cordless Combo Kit takes care of your drilling, cutting and driving needs and more. No wonder it is often described as the perfect tool set for handymen and women.

The Dewalt 18 Volt Cordless Combo Kit consists of 4 essential 18-volt cordless tools that are designed to make life easier for DIY lovers and professionals alike. The kit comes complete with a highly powerful 410-unit watt, half inches cordless drill, a cordless reciprocating saw featuring a keyless blade clamping system that allows for tool-less and easy blade changes, a one-fourth inch impact driver capable of delivering 1,330-in-lbs of torque and lots of power for a variety of uses, and a super bright 18 volt flashlight unit with a pivoting head capable of illuminating your workspace in any direction.

The tool set comes with two 18 volt rechargeable NiCad battery packs to power each tool, and a fast charger with which you can top off the battery in 1 hour to decrease downtime. The whole package also comes with a handy tool bag to easily store and carry your Dewalt 4 Tool 18 Volt Nickel Cadmium Cordless Combo kit ready for your next project. Dewalt is made with pride in the USA using only the best quality materials from around the world. The name ensures the best quality workmanship and top notch performance from each tool and backs every unit, along with the batteries, with a 3 year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Get your new Dewalt 4 Tool 18 Volt Nickel Cadmium Cordless Combo Kit from a reputable online supplier for fast and easy shopping and fast ship out and delivery to your doorstep in 7 days, within the continental US.

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